Queen of Apostles School
108 Tribute Street East
Riverton WA 6148

Future-Focused Learning

In 2019, Queen of Apostles embarked on a three-year learning journey with Lee Watanabe-Crockett. Lee is a world-renowned educator who has worked with governments and education systems around the world, assisting them in establishing a culture of learning.

A key concept of Lee’s vision for learning is that students become aware of their responsibilities as Global Digital Citizens. This approach embraces student-centred learning, where students are engaged in exploring real-world problems through an inquiry-based approach.

In the Future-Focused Learning environment, our dedicated and passionate teachers provide a rich and stimulating learning experience where we are able to cultivate learners who are self-directed and engaged. Through Essential Fluencies (structured processes for problem-solving) creativity, media production, information processing and collaboration are developed, allowing students to engage in providing solutions to relevant real-world problems.

We are proud of the healthy learning environments created for all our students through our class based Future-Focused Learning.