Queen of Apostles School
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School Procedures

CEWA Privacy Policy

What kinds of personal information does a school collect and how does a school collect it


Disputes and Complaints

Catholic schools can serve as models for all within Western Australia who seek to create genuine communities. Such communities are always founded upon shared commitment to the common good


Behaviour Management Procedure

To participate in the activities of the regular classroom, children require a level of behaviour that respects their rights and the rights of others


Assessment and Reporting Procedure

Queen of Apostles School is committed to providing the highest quality education for our students. Communication between the school and parents is considered to be of utmost importance in the education of the child, part of this communication is reporting about the child’s progress to their parents/guardians.


CEWA Privacy Collection Notice

The primary purpose of collecting your information is to support the design and safe delivery of the educational programme to each student in their CEWA community of faith.


Whistleblower Protection Framework

Catholic Education Western Australia Limited (CEWA) is committed to fostering a culture that reflects transparency and integrity and promotes Catholic values and ethical behaviour.


Attendance Procedures

Queen of Apostles School recognises that every day of attendance in school contributes towards a student’s learning and that maximising school attendance enhances academic outcomes.


ICT Procedure

As students in a Catholic school, it is our responsibility to use electronic media in a positive way to help spread the ‘Good News’ ofJesus. We do this through our words and actions. Our communications must always betruthful and respectful of other people.


Administration of Medication Procedure

Catholic School Staff have a duty of care to students to ensure the safe administration and storage of medications that are required on a regular basis.